Our Values

Everything that we do is driven by our values:

קהִלָה Kehila- Community

We believe that Jewish community is at it's best when it is open, inclusive and based on shared values. Jeneration believes in complete equality, independent of gender, sexuality, religious background or halachic status. We're invested in helping students and young adults build community wherever they find themselves, and creating links between these groups and the communities of the Movement for Reform Judaism.

זיל גמור Zil G'mor– Go and learn

Jeneration values active engagement. Through multiple platforms we create the environment for people to learn, explore, and do. We indulge curiosity, embrace questions, and appreciate a good sense of humour!

אילו ואילו Eilu v'Eilu– These as well as those

There is no 'right' way to be Jewish. We are excited by diversity, innovation and the unique ways that people connect to their Jewish identity. We respect and value a multiplicity of expressions of Jewish commitment and religious practise and support the creation of more and diverse pathways. Jeneration encourages people to embrace Judaism's revolutionary tradition, and to make conscious and informed choices in building their Reform Jewish lives 

לך לך Lech L'cha– Take yourself!

Jeneration is unique in focusing on the individual's journey. We understand that at times in our lives we question and need to explore in order to gain personal meaning and relevance. We also understand that what works for one person does not necessarily work for another. Reform Judaism holds personal autonomy as a core value and Jeneration creates spaces that enable people to find their own path, but also to explore alongside others and share the process with them.