Jeneration on Campus

At Jeneration we think it's crucial that we approach each campus differently, working closely with students to make sure that what we do together works best for them. 

Here's a rough guide to the kind of things you can expect from Jeneration on campus:

  • A place to meet and hang out with other reform or progressively-minded Jewish students in a relaxed and informal setting
  • Friday night dinners and festival celebrations with a twist 
  • Care packages and fun mailouts sent to you at uni
  • Support for creative ideas and one-off projects
  • Weekends away and fun stuff to do during the holidays
  • Opportunities to learn from and with the leading Reform educators in the UK- contact the Jeneration fieldworker for a list of available speakers
  • Support in running egalitarian services

This year, we have launched our Jeneration Advisory Team! If you want to be part of this amazing opportunity, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with up to 350 words about why you want to be involved. For information, see below